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Citywide North Melbourne Asphalt is uniquely located in central Melbourne. This modern facility is located just a few kilometres from the city centre in Arden Street, North Melbourne. From this convenient, urban location, Citywide North Melbourne Asphalt provides customers throughout metropolitan Melbourne with all their asphalt requirements.

Victorian civil infrastructure companies, councils, and contractors benefit from easy access to low emission, high quality and market-ready asphalt products. Avoid delays with traffic and save time by ordering your asphalt products through Citywide North Melbourne Asphalt.

Quality asphalt in Melbourne

The NATA qualified lab onsite at Citywide North Melbourne Asphalt ensures that our asphalt products meet the rigorous demands of city roads and pavements. Whether you need asphalt for major roads, suburban streets, car parks, subdivisions, footpaths, driveways or repair and patching to existing asphalt pavements, Citywide North Melbourne Asphalt has products to suit your needs.

Greener asphalt solutions

Citywide North Melbourne Asphalt is committed to helping customers reduce their carbon footprint, and provide the market with innovative and environmentally responsible solutions. We are proud to be reducing carbon emissions from asphalt by up to 30%.

Our Citywide North Melbourne Asphalt plant, which incorporates leading edge technology developed by German industrial company, Benninghoven, was the first of its kind in Australia, and is capable of producing some of the greenest asphalt in the world.

Our inner city asphalt plant incorporates low emissions technology and increased asphalt recycling capacity. Our range of sustainable, low emission asphalt products help customers achieve their emission reduction targets.

If you would like to calculate your emissions we recommend using the NAPA's Greenhouse Gas Calculator which calculates greenhouse gas emissions related to asphalt pavement manufacturing based on a gate-to-gate analysis.

The environmental benefits of the Citywide North Melbourne Asphalt plant include:


Greenpave, an advanced new warm asphalt mix, is a climate sensitive alternative to traditional hot mix asphalt. Citywide North Melbourne Asphalt is proud to deliver a product to the Victorian market that is safer and has significantly less environmental impact than standard asphalt mixes.

Welcome to the new generation of asphalt manufacturing

The advanced production process at our Arden Street, North Melbourne asphalt plant produces asphalt with properties equal to traditional hot mix asphalt, while offering significant add on benefits. This is the future of asphalt in Australia.

The conventional hot mix asphalt process uses one grade of bitumen at approximately 170°C. Greenpave uses two binders at significantly lower temperatures (~110°C). Combined application of the binders results in bitumen with the same performance as standard hot mix.

Safety benefits for workers and the community

A reduction in production temperatures and fumes deliver immediate safety benefits to workers and the surrounding inner city community.


Unlike regular hot mix asphalt, which is susceptible to weather conditions, Greenpave offers greater workability and therefore a longer construction season. It is subject to less oxidative hardening of binder leading to better fatigue performance over time. Greenpave asphalt can be paved in thicker layers than regular hot mix asphalt offering greater productivity, operational savings and a rapid return to traffic

Experience Greenpave. We offer all existing and new customers the opportunity to view our state-of-the-art production facility. Experience firsthand the benefits of low temperature, low emission and durable asphalt.

Contact Citywide North Melbourne Asphalt and book in a time to experience Greenpave.


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